8 Things You Need To Know This AM — Nov 11 2014

The dress Madonna wore to marry Sean Penn in 1985 sold for $81,250 at an auction this weekend.
Your Tuesday jam: Watch the video for Charli XCX's song, "Break the Rules."
From Keira Knightley's topless stand in Interview to our own portrait series, will 2014 forever be remembered as the year we reclaimed our breasts?
A programmer in China bought 99 iPhones for a special proposal to his girlfriend. She said no.
Your daily fit tip: Master your cold-weather workouts with genius layering tips.
The CIA took some time out of its busy espionage schedule to fact-check Ben Affleck's Oscar-winning film, Argo.
The forecast is predicting some chilly weather this week, so here's how to face the cold without your skin drying out completely.
First The Colbert Report and now The Daily Show: Jon Stewart will neither confirm nor deny he'll be at T.D.S. for the 2016 presidential election.
Photo: REX USA/Picture Perfect.

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