8 Things You Need To Know This AM — Oct 22 2014

Jennifer Garner says that events like ELLE's Women in Hollywood are key because "[T]he Men in Hollywood event is every day. It's called Hollywood." She also laments that no one asks her husband about work-life balance.
Are all the pieces about Renée Zellweger that emerged yesterday a form of "plastic surgery shaming?" Plus, the actress responds to her new look.
Your daily fit tip: Got knee pain that won't quit? This slight tweak in your form could make all the difference.
What is Magic Leap, and why are companies like Google investing $542 million in the entertainment technology?
Reminder: Today could be the day the grand jury reaches a decision as to whether or not Ferguson police office Darren Wilson will be tried for shooting Michael Brown in August. Follow #Ferguson on Twitter for live updates.
Aziz Ansari trying to explain what the word "ridiculous" means to Grover on Sesame Street is predictably ridiculous.
First thing in the a.m. is probably the ideal time to watch these YouTube videos that will keep you up at night.
Finally, beauty prep school is officially in session, and here's how to get the most foolproof mani ever.
Photo: BEImages/Jim Smeal.

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