8 Things You Need To Know This AM — Oct 21 2014

Should Gwen Stefani apologize for appropriating Harajuku culture into Love. Angel. Music. Baby.? Plus, a look at how Harajuku style has evolved in the decade since the album came out.
Coffee apparently affects introverts and extroverts differently.
Does your favorite movie make you basic? Does it even matter? Is "basic" just another word for class anxiety? So many questions, so few pH-balanced answers.
A mom from Florida campaigned to have Breaking Bad action figures removed from Toys"R"Us, so Bryan Cranston campaigned to rid the world of Florida Mom action figures. To be fair, the Breaking Bad dolls do come with a tray of toy meth (other drug paraphernalia sold separately).
The now-iconic soundtrack from Guardians of the Galaxy will be released on cassette tape in November. How very.
Your daily fit tip: These are the best moves for strong, badass shoulders
Yes, folks. There is life beyond coconut oil...for your face.
Finally, a new virtual autopsy of King Tut reveals that his burial mask hid a busted grill.
gwenstefani-harajuku-embedPhoto: REX USA/Peter Brooker.

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