8 Things You Need To Know This AM — Aug 19 2014

In the interest of avoiding another Twerk-Gate, the Parents Television Council is asking MTV to provide ratings for the explicitness of each performance at this Sunday's VMAs. Look what you have wrought, Miley and Robin. (The Wrap)
CNN Anchor Rosemary Church suggested police in Ferguson use water cannons instead of tear gas and stun grenades, perhaps not realizing they were the protest-containment method of choice during Civil Rights protests in the '60s. (@boldandworthy)
Mattel is launching a Barbie clothing collection, which begs the important question: Should adults really be wearing Barbie merch? (The Cut)
Marvel's Ant-Man has added Judy Greer, Bobby Canavale, John Slattery, and, um, T.I. to its cast. Make of that what you will. (The Hollywood Reporter)
Ever wonder what Queens smells like? Well, Bond No. 9 is creating a perfume based on the borough, so brace your nostrils for the essence of Astoria. (WWD)
The 60 Red Chair sees your normal upright seat and turns it (almost) on its side. (Design Milk)
A pregnant woman in Ireland demanded a termination at eight weeks, claiming that she was suicidal. Not only was she denied an abortion, she was forced to have a C-section. Now, the case is bringing to light a controversial law that fosters a near-blanket ban on abortion in Ireland. (The Guardian)
Finally, is the fashion set's embracing of "chola style" a complete cultural misappropriation? Discuss. (The Guardian)
mileyvma-8things-embedPhoto: REX USA/MediaPunch Inc.

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