15 Things You’ll Find In EVERY Fashion Girl’s Apartment

You may say you love fashion. You may get street-style snapped during the runway shows and know Zara's sale schedule better than your morning commute. But, the real expression of your devotion lies in your home. Home, after all, is that tell-tell sacred place where our real tastes kind of explode.
Only in privacy do the truly aesthetically obsessed organize makeup in lucite trays and keep heels on floating shelves. Well, "privacy" is all relative these days, because we can keep up with all the curation trends and habits via Instagram. While some are overplayed (you know your shoes spend most of their time piled on the floor) others are far-reaching (who doesn't curate their coffee table stacks?). And, one is an instant red flag that you're part of the club: A black-and-white palette, with a few Chanel logos casually scattered about. Ahead, 15 subtle hints you could just be a #fashionjunkie.

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