Best of the Week: Gifts You'd Actually Give, Explosive Affairs, and Jewels For Your Shoes

1. Holiday Gift Guide Part Deux! 30 More Special Gifts Under $100—Say adios to socks, itchy sweaters, and pre-wrapped gifts from the check-out lanes at department stores!
2. Get A Sneak Peek At Next Season's Coolest Campaigns (So Far)!—These sneak peeks show us how to fashionably lounge on the sand, nap in the grass, and pose like a diva while standing in a toilet.
3. 18 Gifts For Turning Up the Heat Before And After the Holidays—Massage oil, golden "rods", lingerie—is it us or did December just get ten degrees warmer?
4. Holiday-Ready Jewels For Your Shoes Are The Newest Accessory du Jour!—Your shoes called- they want to join the chain gang.
5. 12 Little Black Dresses That Are Anything But Boring—Usually, the LBD is synonymous with Little Boring Dresses, but we like to call them Little Bodacious dresses now.
6. Refinery29's Editor Holiday Picks--Find Out What's On Our Wishlist!—A gratuitous "BUY US THESE NOW" plug if we've ever seen one.
7. The 12 Most Explosive Affairs of the Decade--Plus, Bonus! The Cheater Hall of Fame!—Can't deny we love a good celebrity affair to make us feel better about our quarrel with the boyfriend over dishes.
8. Rad or Bad: Nail Studded Pieces, Daring or Dangerous?—Now you can leave your pepper spray at home!
9. Animated Phallic Plants Rise to the Occasion in 160g Magazine—Don't think we'll sleep well for a week after seeing his editorial.
10. 14 Metallic Pieces to Channel Your Inner Femme-Bot—Like shiny!? We've got shiny!

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