The Rising Stars of New York Fashion Week

There's no question New York is busting at the seams with promising design talent. And while we don't necessarily equate NEW with AWESOME, we've decided to round up the NYFW designers who really went for the gold this season. Here are the seven that made our list and who continue to prove that they've got the chops to make it big.
1. Katie Gallagher
At the Katie Gallagher presentation, there were so many different kinds of leggings in all sorts of textures and shades of winter white that we had to force ourselves to pay attention to anything else. But eventually we were able to tear our eyes away and focus on the the rounded edges and heavy drapery, which looked like just what we'll need to keep us warm in outer space. By the time we left, after snapping shots of the zero-gravity hair and contoured makeup, we were in a Ziggy Stardust state of mind, and already looking forward to what she has up her sleeve next season.
2. Timo Weiland
The Timo Weiland presentation was all about ladylike silhouettes with an injection of techno-grunge. Some models sported turban-like toppers that were simultaneously prim, modern, and defiant. We loved this skirt-suit in a painterly digital print and the ruched plaid skirt that reminded us of '90s flannels tied around our waists. As for that long maroon coat, we're feeling a sudden urge to go pretend fox hunting while riding sidesaddle, like a proper English lady. This gentleman is no doubt one to watch.
3. Casertano
The muted tones at Alex Casertano's latest collection let shapes take center-stage. Shades of cream and gray helped to lighten heavier fabrics, while the black pieces, like a shiny boyfriend jacket, were cut close and nearly to perfection. We've been seeing a lot of white tights on the runway this season, but we like the styling here the best, with tights worn under gray, over-the-knee socks or broken up by black heels with thick ankle straps. Divine.
4. Lorick
The theme of Lorick's presentation was "Angels and Cocoons," and though a lot of things caught our eye (like shimmering stardust tights, jewelry by Subversive, and fantastic feathered headbands by Leah C.), we were more taken with Abigail's finest and most thoughtful collection to date. The looks still had that essence of vintage ladylike with a Gossip Girl edge, however, this time around, the designer was really honing her craft and in her signature way, tailoring little cocktail dresses just right and turning out the coolest, most wantable pair of trousers you can imagine.

5. Risto

Risto's fall collection made us want to drift off in a giant pile of spiderweb knits, preferably after eating a big bowl of neon orange sherbet. The breathtaking textiles and prints, a testament to Risto Bimbiloski's mission to unite technology with craftsmanship, transported us to a future where looms and laser printers co-exist in perfect harmony. Fingers crossed, we can't wait to wear one of the pastel parkas this winter with a delicate gray wrap around our foreheads.
6. Alice Ritter
This season, the French-born Alice Ritter showcased the perfect combination of nerd-girl chic and Parisian romanticism. We loved the way she updated classic patterns and staple pieces with slightly off-kilter silhouettes and tailoring, giving us an avant-garde librarian kind of vibe. The dusty pink accents added a touch of Coco Mademoiselle while leather shorts and cotton britches made it clear that Alice Ritter girls are no shrinking violets.

7. Suno

The models at the Suno presentation were the happiest-looking girls we'd seen all week, but if we were wearing such fun patterns and prints, we're sure we'd be grinning from ear to ear, too. It was hard not to smile at the sight of the Pippi Longstocking hair and candy-hued platform sandals. Even old standbys like plaid looked anything but serious next to the bright zigzags and Ikat prints. The effect was dizzying, but absolutely dazzling, too.