#TBT Celebrity Prom Pics

Photo: Seth Poppel/Yearbook Library.
Are you aware that celebrities are people, too? In addition to being famous, they've also done most of the mundane things in life. They, like you, have gone to the grocery store. They, like you, have suffered through the torture that is middle school. And, they, like many of you, have attended prom.
However, there is one small difference. Going to prom and pulling it off with aplomb is a serious responsibility for a budding celebrity. That doesn't mean they have to look perfect — it just means they have to take a photo crazy (or crazy-gorgeous) enough for us to truly appreciate it 20 years down the line. The proof is in the pudding, if by pudding you mean this slideshow — in which we rounded up some truly beauteous snaps of your favorite leading ladies from way, way back. And, yes, Meryl Streep is in the mix.

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