4 Braid DIYs You HAVEN'T Seen Before

The ongoing polar vortex might be delaying our spring-time jubilation, but we'd never let a little icy wind get in the way of our favorite part of any new season: all the fresh ways to braid our hair, obviously.
This time around, the look du jour is not about sculptural, intricate 'dos that would take an eight-armed prodigy to accomplish (nothing against that look, but our arms are tired just thinking about it). Instead, we're aiming for braids that are as simple and pretty as a fresh spring blossom, yet as new to the world as the chirping baby bird who woke us up this morning.
To accomplish this goal, we brought in hairstylist Amy Farid, also known as the creator of some of our all-time favorite braids from Free People catalogues. Having the master of boho-chic perfection on our side meant there was no stopping us from coming up with four totally gorgeous, of-the-moment braid styles.
Also, we know that many of you chopped your hair off this winter (and, we encouraged you to do so). So, why do a braid tutorial on extra-long locks when there are so many newly bobbed manes out there? Our model had a collar-bone-length bob, a great happy medium between mermaid hair and pixie chops.
Click through to see the looks and learn how to do 'em.

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