Mobama’s It Boy Jason Wu Keeps the Elegance Alive for Spring

We're downtowners at heart, but we'll make the hike up past 42nd for special treats, like Michelle Obama fave Jason Wu who held his spring show at Fifth Ave's tony St. Regis Hotel. Twinkling chandeliers and golden chairs lined his mirrored catwalk, which was being hand-Windexed right up until show time. The pristine setup caused a serious kerfuffle with editors, photographers, etc. all trying to maneuver around the front-row without stepping--or falling--onto the mirrors and accidentally cursing the house of Wu with seven years of bad luck. The collection itself was breathtaking, with intricately beaded dresses, tailored chambray blouses, and '80s silhouettes that were anything but dated (including a beautiful coat that Yulia Kharlapanova wore--and then fell in). But with sunnies allegedly inspired by his cat Peaches, we're sure that Jason's got enough lives and luck (not to mention talent!) to survive any mirror some rogue model's knee might shatter.