Porn For Women: A Tasteful Guide

Whether we like watching porn that's straight-up vanilla or with a little bit of kink, a lot of ladies can agree that a bit of extra attention to female pleasure is a wonderful thing. This ongoing guide to the best porn for women is Refinery29's gift for all you voyeurs out there. You might be shy and looking for a place to start, or you might be familiar with many items on the list, but we hope you'll enjoy this specially curated resource for women's sexual pleasure.
Beautiful Agony As classy porn sites go, Beautiful Agony tops the list. By showing only videos of people's faces while they masturbate, it's explicit, but there's no genitalia to be seen. That doesn't stop this site from being one of the steamiest and sexiest takes on porn videos we've ever seen. Welcoming all shapes, sizes, ages, genders, and personal submissions...if you're in the mood.
AdvertisementADVERTISEMENT A returning favorite, MLNP is focused on body-positive, sex-positive "real person" porn, submitted by amateur participants. Videos come in all varieties, from solo acts to more than three, and can be searched according to refreshing and whimsical categories, like "orgasmic," "bedtime," and "inthekitchen." There's no flat fee for the site; you pay $5 to rent a video, and you can watch it as many times as you want for three weeks. All performers receive half the rental money, so you're also supporting a booming alternative porn industry.
The Erotic Woman A curated magazine of sexy stories run mostly by women, TEW provides weekly updates and a full archive of steamy writing for you to peruse for free. While they also feature videos, the writing is high-caliber and sexy as hell. You might find your panties sliding down before the first paragraph is over. They also have a subcategory of erotic poetry. A hardcore-video site strictly for those into fetishes, presents a range of videos from the more benign My First Time Bound (for bondage newbies) to the very specific Hogtied (extreme bondage) and Ultimate Surrender (women's wrestling). The videos are available on-demand, and you can also access their huge library archives, as well as purchase live webcam or fetish shows. With a dedicated mission of demystifying BDSM (bondage, discipline, sadomasochism) and encouraging sexual exploration, is a destination for those looking for respectful, enthusiastic BDSM play.
Actors/Actresses to Watch Out For:
Courtney Trouble Sexy, feminist pornographer and CEO of TROUBLEfilms, Courtney Trouble is known for their mostly-lesbian porn performances on websites like IndiePornRevolution just as much as they are for the dozens of films she's directed; she's won several times at the Feminist Porn Awards. Trouble is mischievous, playful, and voluptuous — with tattoos, blonde locks, and an apparent lust for exhibitionism and directing.

Jiz Lee
Jiz Lee launched their multi-genre career with Pink & White, the production company behind Crash Pad Series. This living rockstar of genderqueer pornography continues to be a boundary-breaking sex radical who looks amazing in a white tank top and black pants. They have made over 200 videos in five countries, and every scene is a sizzler.

James Deen While he tends towards participating in more violent sex, James Deen has also walked off porn sets when he didn't like how his female costars were being treated. A decent guy who seems to be blessed with a penchant for making women feel good, his porn is super hot and shows enthusiastic participation by both parties.
Porn_women_3bIllustrated By Ly Ngo.
The Big Book of Orgasms: 69 Sexy Stories Veteran porn writer and editor Rachel Kramer Bussel serves up 69 very short, yet steamy hot stories in her most recent release. With a wide range of topics, there is something for everyone, and most of the stories are written by women. The only downside is how difficult it is to balance the book when you're doing a little "one-handed" reading.


While it's not exactly a book, Jacques is for women's print magazines what Playboy claimed it was back in the '60s: a classy, sexy, glossy mag with incisive articles and beautiful pictures. Even better than Playboy, Jacques provides interesting themes (number eight was "The Betrayal Issue") and the photos show a powerful sexuality that makes you feel the women are not just there to be looked at. They're also looking back.

A is for Amour

The first book of Alison Tyler's "Alphabet Erotica" series, A is for Amour is an anthology of erotic stories that encourages sexy participation without delving into anything overly extreme. A nice, generically exciting collection, the rest of the series is equally interesting and worth a read.

Stripped Down

This steamy anthology of lesbian erotica has exactly what you might be looking for: stories of queer lady lovers getting down and dirty. Tristan Taormino's expert editing lets the writing shine, with the overarching theme of raw tales on naked lust. If you like ladies, this is a great place to start.

Porn_women_2Illustrated By Ly Ngo.
Hitachi Magic Wand A classic worth revisiting, this vibrator should have its own fan club. With a sturdy, easy-to-grip base and a rounded head, the Hitachi plugs into the wall and is marketed as a back massager. We've yet to meet anyone that uses it on their back, but it can produce truly amazing orgasms when applied to your front.
Feeldoe This strapless dildo was made by a woman and comes with a small insertable vibrator. Designed to act as a wearable strap-on, the Feeldoe has a bulb that can be inserted in the vagina, allowing the ridges (and the vibrator) of the base to massage the clitoris while the longer shaft is being used. It's a genius of engineering, perfect for ladies who want to enjoy having a tool of their own.
Pure Plugs These beautifully designed, stainless-steel butt plugs look like works of art and feel amazing. Produced by njoy, they have a slight curve designed to take advantage of both male and female anatomy. A delicate round handle makes them safe for anal play.
Laya Vibrator You don't think of ergonomic design for vibrators, but these tiny, strong, pretty devices fit perfectly in your hand and are designed for clitoral stimulation. They are quiet, so discretion is assured, and lightweight, which makes them easy to slip in your purse for emergency lunch breaks. Made of elastomer, they are skin-safe and hypoallergenic, which is great for latex allergy sufferers.
Porn_women_4Illustrated By Ly Ngo.


Since Tumblr got bought out by Yahoo and made sex-related search terms unuseable, many people's go-to site for porn .gifs became that much harder to use. With the advantage of taking the best parts of porn videos and reducing them to several-second moving, repeating images, Tumblr is a fantastic place to find porn, but only if you know where to look.
Xoxo All The Way Posting mainly .gifs with some static images, this supersexy blog is mostly heterosexual but does have a pretty good range. From couples to solo and rough to sweet, you're sure to find something you like in here.

Unicorn Boyz

This blog is mostly queer porn with a lot of focus on transmen and lesbian interactions, and has primarily still images interspersed with occasional .gifs. The couple that curates it has excellent taste in photography. Delicious.


Rough Sex Makes Me Wet

This blog is exactly what it sounds like: a collection of .gifs, images, and occasional text posts that are themed around rough sex. Mostly heterosexual, there's a lot of oral sex in both directions, a lot of anal, and a lot of sexy hair-pulling.

Deviant Femme While this blog has pornography on it (queer, femme, body-positive .gifs abound), it also has some insightful and interesting feminist discussions of "sexual deviancy and divergence." Get your intellectual freak on while looking at pretty pictures of women touching themselves.

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