JWoww Says “No” To Plastic Surgery Rumors, And “Yes, You Can Be Too Tan”

Love her, hate her, or love to hate her, JWoww has definitely caused quite the stir since she hit the reality-TV scene a few years ago. While some of you disagreed with our surprising gush about her beauty, others understood that there's a lil' sumthin-sumthin behind those long lashes and spray-tanned skin. We caught up with Jenni as she launched her eponymous perfume at K-Mart yesterday, and talked beauty, holiday gifts, spending, and yes, even those pesky plastic-surgery rumors.

Do you have any everyday beauty regimens you recommend?
"Since it's winter, I don't tan as much, but I spray-tan every exposed part every morning. That's like my 'thing' with my spray-tanning — you can't be pale even though it's the winter!"


Can you ever be too tan?
"Yes, I do think so. It's not too tan, it's the fake tan, like the orangey look, which I don't find acceptable at all. Besides that, for my face, I do cheek-contouring now instead of the high blush to give me more of a defined-cheek look. I use the bronzer from California Sun, then I highlight it with a lighter shade of makeup, and just add a brown eyeliner and a clear lip — it's kinda my day-to-day look. I'm trying to avoid black now, because I think it's too heavy for daytime."

Is there any brand that you shop that our readers might be surprised to find out that you love? Any high-end designer that you prefer when you go to awards shows? Any super low-end designers that you wear every day? "No, I am so against that. I go with what fits because I've seen Fashion Police. No matter who the designer is, if it doesn't look good on you, it doesn't look good on you. So, it doesn't matter if the dress is $60 or $600. I was connected with Hot Miami Styles, and they're really cool. They're within budget, and I think most of their dresses are around $80, plus it's just my style. I feel like even though I've made money off of the success of Jersey Shore, I can't spend it. It's just one of my things; I'd rather stay with the same brands I've always worn and go to the mall to shop."

What would you splurge on?
"My house and my dogs — my dogs are my everything, so I pamper them. And I got 'em a little dog house from Rockstar Puppy, and I buy all their outfits at Rockstar, like these little biker helmets I had made. They are like my little children!"

So, what's one thing you really want for Christmas? Maybe as a gift from your friends, or from Roger, if he's still in the picture...
"Yeah, we're still dating. Um, geez, I didn't even think of that. I think I have it all in a sense, so, it would have to be a surprise."

Maybe a wedding ring?
"No! We've been together for a long time, but I don't think I wanna put that much pressure on him."

And what about the reverse, is there anything that you know Snooki would want, or Sammi wants that you'd get them, or are you doing a Secret Santa? Do you have any plans with the cast for Christmas?
"I got Nicole something. Obviously, I can't say what it is or she'll find out, but it's definitely right up her alley. And I think the cast is kind of the same as I am; We all kinda have what we want, so anything really good would have to be a quirky gift."

What's your New Year's resolution?
"I don't have one because I feel like I would be disappointed if didn't stick to it. A lot of people make them, and then by February go back to their old habits."


Anything else in the works that you're coming out with down the line?
"We have a spray-tan coming out with a 360-degree bottle, which is like my baby! If anyone knows about spray-tanning, when you flip the bottle upside-down or you try to do it yourself, the bottle clogs. This is the first one that's patented to not clog. So, you can be doing your legs upside-down, your back, everything, and the bottle won't clog."

What's one thing that people think is true about you that you wish to prove wrong?
"I would say — which is kinda odd — but tons of people have said, 'Oh, my God, you've had so much plastic surgery in the last year!' And I was like, 'What? I lost 15 pounds, and it looks like I got a new nose job?' I still have my little chubby nose, but I don't know, did my nose look that bad 10, 15 months ago? It's still me. I go for more laser treatments, skin-softening, and resurfacing because I go tanning a lot, so I want to make sure my complexion is good. But besides that, no. People think I have cheek implants and shit like that, and I'm like, 'What are you talking about?' I guess I know how to do makeup better, too."

You know how to do makeup better now than before and that's what changed you?
"Yeah, especially the contouring of the cheeks, like highlighting and darkening. I guess it makes them look bigger, but besides that I don't know why else anyone would think that I had plastic surgery."


Before you had your own fragrance, what was the fragrance you wore?
"The Gucci one in the gold bottle."

What's the sexiest scent for a guy?
"I think it's Jean Paul Gaultier, in the little human body — the little human figure, the blue one. I get that for Roger."

What's your go-to camera pose?
"I don't have one. I should really get on that. I was with Nicole once taking photos, and she has like 17 angles down perfectly. And I always look at myself and my pictures, I'm like 'Jesus, what am I doing?' I gotta practice that one day in the mirror!"

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