These 7 Crazy-Awesome Eye Makeup Looks Are A Must-See!

Despite Robin Black's self-professed love/hate relationship with beauty, the photographer-cum-makeup artist behind Beauty is Boring is bent on capturing the faces of everyone from top models to friends to perfect strangers with her vintage Big Shot Polaroid camera, complete with Magicubes & film — after she does their makeup, of course. Get your bookmarks tab ready, ladies.
I love a good cat-eye! It's a classic look that feels modern, and there's a flattering shape for almost every eye. This simple line can be tough, sexy, cool, innocent, playful, gamine, mysterious, and all those other adjectives we yearn for. The secret is to find the shape that resonates with your style and fits your eye. I could easily write a dissertation on the varieties of shape and techniques for creating the perfect line but I'll resist and just offer a few thoughts. Click through!

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