Bad Men: 10 Looks From Men’s Fashion Week You Don’t Want to Try At Home

Men's fashion isn't known for going to extremes—that is, unless you're showing your new line in Milan at Men's Fashion Week where the more extreme the better. Surprise, boys! Triple turbans, man cleavage, and denim tube tops are the flavors du jour! While the shows always offer strong suiting (Vuitton, Calvin, Dior Homme), a hot shade (tomato and cornflower blue), and a new trouser (big, baggy!), there's also those outrageous concoctions designed to make any guy immediately go and hide in his closet. So, cautionary tale, style maverick, or fashion disaster? You be the judge...
1. We know. Makes us uncomfortable, too. From left: Jean-Paul Gaultier; Jean Paul Gaultier.
Nine more mad men's looks after the break...

2. Who let the clown car out? From left: Emporio Armani; Emporio Armani; Comme des Garçons.
3. Muscle shirts are like denim minis and bike shorts… the wrong people always end up wearing them. From left: Neil Barrett; Prada; Roberto Cavalli; Calvin Klein
4. How much would you pay for a sweater that wants to eat you? Trick question. Left: Dolce & Gabbana
5. Pretty sure someone's mom was wearing this in 1978. Right: Jean Paul Gaultier
6. Clash of the Titans… and the Native Americans… and the amphibians… and… Middle: Emporio Armani
7. A purse, another muscle shirt, and a speedo… ok, now they're just fucking with us. Left: Alexis Mabille
8. It's Lawrence of Arabia meets Pirates of the Caribbean meets a big plate o' crazy. From left: all John Galliano
9. Totally mummy'rific. Embalming not included. From left: both Julius
10. Yes, dresses on guys are a bridge too far. Good thing these are "Dude Tunics". Nothing odd about that… nothing at all. From left: Neil Barrett
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