5 Ways To Simplify Your Beauty Routine in 2014

We're only a few days into 2014, and the pressure of our resolutions is a bit intense. It's easy to feel the need to make our lives better, resolving to get in shape, lose weight, stop smoking, slow down the partying — and all the other promises we make when the ball drops. But, here's what we want to know: Who's vowing to make life easier?
When it comes to resolutions, we're committing to get our beauty routine down to a science. After all, wouldn't you love to look your best AND make life easier? We know we would. Because, quite frankly, unless they add another few hours to the day, we can't put another to-do on our list. Our biggest resolution? Look good while keeping it simple.
We called on some of our favorite industry experts to ask how we should do just that, and they came back with so many helpful tips we had a hard time fitting them all into one article. So, we handpicked the five most valuable ones to help you have your hottest, most time-saving year ever. Click through to learn how to simplify and streamline your beauty regimen.

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