5 Designers Taking Over The Top Spots

Who's the new...Jason Wu, Tom Binns, or Alexander Wang? The fashion world LOVES to play favorites. And sometimes, so do we. With just a few weeks until New York Fashion Week kicks off our official back-to-style season (yes, only 38 days, kids), we're laying bets on which up-and-comers have the chops, the vision, and the determination to ride the next wave of designer super-stars. We're not talking "new" designers, but creatives who've already established a promising start that's bound to get even bigger. So, when it comes to the industry Big-Time, who could give Proenza Schouler a real run for their money or kick Lord Louboutin off his scarlet-soled pedestal? Read on for our latest predictions of who's destined for serious stardom...and tell us which designers you think will be taking over the top spots.

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