Is This Dating App Proof That Romance Is Dead In D.C.?

No matter if you're a college student or a post-grad worker bee, it's true — dating in D.C. is hard. Everyone's busy, no one's your type, playing the field is our national pasttime — we've heard (and experienced) all the reasons. But is technology really the way to solve our love woes? According to the City Paper, the District's co-ed population thinks so.
WCP reports that mobile dating app Tinder is heating up campuses around town, letting users find matches based solely on geographic proximity and appearance. (Sort of like Hot Or Not, only now, you know where that person lives. Creepy? Maybe.) The author determines that most users are treating it like a game, enjoying the ego boost that comes from a stranger's admiration, rather than trying to find real-life love from it. But, we have to wonder: If you're spending more time playing the game than being in it to win it, what's the point? (Washington City Paper)

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