Tommy Hilfiger’s “Family Cruise” Is A Lot More Fun Than Yours

Forget about the Beckhams, when it comes to fashion families, we're hoping for an invite to officially join the Hilfiger clan. While they've been doing their thing for several generations six seasons now, the spring '13 installment, "le vöyãge seafãr-iüs," in Tommy Hilfiger's genius advertising campaign, "The Hilfigers," features a whole new slew of characters hightailing it on the high seas.
And, what better way to meet the newest Hilfiger additions than in video form? In a minute clip shot in Sag Harbor (watch it below!), which could also be mistaken for Wes Anderson's latest project, we see the preppy, tipsy gang rocking out to Estelle’s “Do My Thing," an infectious collaboration with Janelle Monáe. Among heavy-weight tumblers, Americana stripes, washboard abs, and vintage submarine helmets (naturally), nautical hijinks ensue — dear old papa Hilfiger, for example, splish-splashes into the ocean with longtime canine companion, Morgan IV.
Not to worry though — it's all part of the happy group's wheelhouse. Grandpa gets saved with the help of a heritage-looking lifesaver and some of the fresh additions to Tommy's merry bunch. A few of our favorites? Jourdan Dunn — "a prep bombshell;" Viggo Jonasson — "one of the original Wild Boys, still wild, but more in a Jim Morrison than a Peter Pan way;" Tian — "a great girl to bring home to Mamma. But don’t be deceived. She’s got the family lawyer on speed dial;" and Sacha M'Baye — who "has a graphic novel he’s been sketching for like three years." (All fond descriptions provided to us by the family, of course).
What do we need to do to get on next year's adoption list? Sleep with a tennis instructor? Raid a vintage sunglasses store? Learn how to tie a clove-hitch knot? Tommy, you know where to find us. Bon voyage!

Photos/Video: Courtesy of Tommy Hilfiger.

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