“A Panda Next To A Gun Next To A Wrapped Gift”: <3 Shoshanna's Emoji Texts

If you weren't Golden Globes-ing (or, more likely, just caught it on HBO Go later), you probably caught the season two premiere of Girls, in which Ray and Shoshanna argue about her use of emojis during texting.
Ray: "You know, when I'm not around you, when you just send me a text full of emojis, it is so easy to dismiss you."
Shoshanna: "What is wrong with emojis?"
Ray: "A panda next to a gun next to a wrapped gift? It makes no sense."
The glorious humans over at Vulture "found" a string of text message conversations between Shoshanna and Ray that eventually led to this tense showdown during coat retrieval. While you won't see that panda-gun-gift series, you will find some delightful exchanges including dancing twins, upset devil, and the hard-to-use iPhone screen arrow. We bow to you, Shosh. See [pink heel] and [blue shirt] next week on [tv set]. We'll bring the [sushi pieces] and [martini glass] and you bring your [comedy and drama masks]!

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