Rag & Bone Seriously Lightens Up For Spring '13

Known for a love of layering, rag & bone abandoned its traditional think-like-an-onion approach, in favor of breezier looks for spring '13. Regardless of the season (or year), the New York-based brand has always loved to pile it on, but this new collection marked a turn in the road. British-born David Neville and Marcus Wainwright sent down a variety of sheers, shorts, and dresses that were simply styled (and much easier to appreciate). While we've always enjoyed its artful mixings and matchings, the simplicity shown for spring was over-the-top refreshing.
Show standouts included the all-white ensembles in the form of great sheer overskirts and opaque trenches. Though, a few pops of blue, coral, and neon green kept the collection from being too huntsman and revisited its sporty side, which we first saw in spring '12. While there were still layered looks, the sportswear theme and use of materials highlighted a new direction — and, let's just say, we're excited to follow. There's no doubt loyal followers will still be, well, loyal followers, but we're curious to see if this line direction will attract a new audience as rag & bone continues to assert its status as a top American sportswear line, inching farther and farther away from its British roots.
Photo: Maria Valentino/MCV Photo

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