Garance Doré Writes The Sartorialist A Love Letter

Garance Doré and Scott Schuman's relationship is one of fashion's most precious modern-day love stories, and we should expect Garance to bare her claws whenever the media starts jumping on him for one reason or another (or another, or another, or another).
Today, on her newly revamped site, Garance took some time out to publicize Scott's new book as well as reveal 12 facts you many not have known about The Sartorialist. Among them are a few doozies. What's surprising? He likes Victoria Beckham, but not because of their shared love of peplum dresses (for her, to wear; for him, to shoot): "He can't fake [a] smile. So, if a photographer asks him to smile in a photo, he asks the photographer to tell him something funny. And that works about… zero percent of the time."
Not-so-surprising? "He's very straightforward. When you ask him a question, he responds. He's not the type to have canned answers for interviews. he doesn't hesitate to call things like he sees them. Sometimes, he's right, sometimes wrong. Sometimes, it comes back to bite him, and you can see it hurts him deep down. I tell him that's just how it is, that he is how he is. Then he smiles at me, and heads out to shoot." Sweet, sweet Garance. Scott's a very lucky man. (Garance)

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