Fall Makeup It List! 13 Sephora Picks To Get Your Gorgeous On

Once upon a time, buying makeup was kind of a drag. Running out of lipstick meant a trek to the department store and convincing the heavily lacquered lady behind the counter that we didn't need a makeover, skin-care consultation, or pricey goat hair blush brush — just another lipstick, please.
Now, thanks to Sephora, buying makeup is not only a no-pressure affair, it's actually sort of...fun. They have every covetable makeup brand under the sun, and you can try on anything. And, best of all, no one judges if you pop in to give yourself an impromptu manicure!
Read on for the makeup, hair care, and fragrance picks we're coveting now. We promise we won't tell if you try 'em all before you buy!

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