Kelly Osbourne Weighs In On Kim Kardashian’s Fashion Cred

Once upon time, Kelly Osbourne was the Queen of the Feuds, with Christina Aguilera as #1 victim in the burn book. But now, she’s cleaned up her act, dyed her hair purple, and has a new gig on the (E!) runway. One sign of the changing times? Her girl-code loyalty. Not only did she reportedly recently kick Kim Kardashians’s ex-beau Kris out of a bar in L.A., but last night, she also slammed the Kim Kritics while were chatting her up at the Samsung GALAXY Party in NYC, slamming critics who questioned Kardashian's validity in the fashion industry following New York Magazine’s recent article. Squeezed into a sexy little Vivienne Westwood number and accessorized with her signature rinse, Ms. O — true to form — had no problem sharing her words of girl power with us.

New York Magazine recently wondered whether Kim Kardashian deserves a place in fashion. With similar reality TV roots, what’s your response to that?
"I have to say that’s bulllshit to be honest."

Others aren't being quite as supportive...
"She’s beautiful. When she wears something, it sells out. Without people buying those clothes, the designers don’t have money or careers. Whether she is the next Karl Lagerfeld or not isn’t what’s in question here, what she does for the fashion industry is — and she does amazing things for it. It’s so stupid that its being questioned."

Your Little Pony locks look wonderful! Who does your hair?
"Judd Minter. He's amazing, he always comes to my house. He’s been my hairdresser for five years."

So, what color will be next?
"I don’t know, I really like this. It pisses people off!? I don’t know why, because it is different I guess. I love it, though I find that I can’t wear a red dress because it looks a bit too weird."

Photo: Wire Image/ Courtesy of Flying Television

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