Street Style: Leather? In The Summer? We Dig It

As much as we rely on seasonal fabrics, we always love to break the rules. And, it looks so good when it's done right. Take, for example, producer Sarah Kazalski, who dares to defy fashion norms (and the make-you-melt temps!) — with amazing results. Leather? Check. Black on black? Double check. This Jil Sander skirt is far too rad to be cooped up in a closet, after all. She throws in some summer flair with a vintage D&G blouse (has a tropical print ever looked so badass?) — and let's not ignore her totally edgy, yet totally fly, color-dipped locks. Follow her lead as a fashion rebel, if you dare, before everyone's doin' it, too.

Photographed by Mark Iantosca