Our Ultimate Guide To NYC’s Consignment Stores

As NYC residents, we know a thing or two about small spaces. For those of us lucky enough to even have a closet in the first place, chances are it's stuffed to the brim, and with loads of unworn clothes, to boot. After all, it's hard to manage a shopping addiction with the storage space of a dollhouse. So, we're guessing your wardrobe could probably use a little TLC?
And, what better way to do some summer cleansing than by trading your duds in for some dollars? To help you out, we're showing you the best consignment shops in the city, from tiny East Village spots to well-known, labyrinthine meccas. Of course, if you find yourself with the shopping bug, these boutiques dole out vintage pieces with the best of 'em, too. Just make sure you clear out your drawers first.

Second Time Around
STA is a chain with outposts in all the best shopping cities, but the selection is just as good as if had just one local store. They accept consignments from boutiques, which means you're more likely to find your size. The owners choose the selection of each store based on the location and the style of each individual neighborhood.

Second Time Around, 262 Mott Street (between Elizabeth and Mulberry streets); 212-628-0980.

Consignment by Eva Gentry
Eva Dayton, owner of the boutique Butter by Eva Gentry, opened this consignment shop for clothing by high-end labels such as Stella McCartney, Céline, and Gucci — and it also serves as an outlet for the original boutique. The consignors tend to be editors and stylists dropping off their barely worn (or never worn!) items.

Consignment by Eva Gentry, 371 Atlantic Avenue (between State and Pacific streets); Brooklyn; 718-522-3522.

Cadillac's Castle
Joanne and Kreg, the owners, are so well-versed in their selection that they're able to tell the backstory of just about every piece of clothing — most of which still bears the original price tag. Their customer service has given them a reputation as one of the best stores in the consignment business.

Cadillac's Castles, 333 East 9th Street (between First and Second avenues); 212-475-0406.

Tokyo Joe
It's a little dark and it requires some digging, but your work will pay off. Major bargains are to be found, including steals from brands like J.Crew, Marc Jacobs, and Louis Vuitton.

Tokyo Joe, 334 East 11th Street (between First and Second avenues); 212-473-0724.


Encore is the first designer consignment shop to open in the United States — seriously! That means they have long-standing relationships with the city's most seasoned consignors, so head here if you're interested in career consigning.

Encore, 1132 Madison Avenue (between 84th and 85th Streets); 212-879-2850.

Founded by a former equity analyst and Columbia graduate, this is one of the most thorough services around. If you're looking to sell, they'll do everything from photographing your pieces, to researching the best markets for your products. They take care of everything online, and offer free drop-off and pick-up for most NYC neighborhoods.


Beacon's Closet
The Williamsburg mainstay (which also has locations in Park Slope and Union Square) is known for paying sellers the highest percentage of any clothing exchange store in the city. You get 55% of your items' new price tag if you use store credit, so your best bet is to trade in your duds for something "new."

Beacon's Closet, 88 North 11th Street (between Wythe Avenue and Berry Street); Brooklyn; 718-486-0816.

Photos: Courtesy of Second Time Around, Consignment by Eva Gentry, Beacon's Closet/Scott Irvine

This mega-shop has six locations, with inventory that changes daily. The stores just take in merchandise that is appropriate for the season, and only accepts designer and contemporary brands.
INA,15 Bleeker Street (between Lafayette Street and Bowery); 212-228-8511.
Fox & Fawn
Originally an LES staple, they've recently relocated to a larger space (and more relaxed vibe) in Greenpoint, selling vintage and gently used modern clothing with a focus on designer and street wear.
Fox & Fawn, 570 Manhattan Avenue (between Driggs and Nassau avenues); Brooklyn; 718-349-9510.
Crossroads Trading Co.
Headquartered in Berkeley, CA, this chain naturally has a reputation for their green-friendly practices. They specialize in mid-range brands such as Marc Jacobs or Coach, and they let you choose between cash or trade for all transactions.
Crossroads Trading Co., 135 North 7th Street (between Berry and Bedford streets); 347-549-4005.
Vintage Thrift Shop
This shop, which boasts jewelry, furniture, and housewares, in addition to vintage pieces, isn't your typical consignment dealer. Instead of giving you cash, all clothing drops are tax-deductible donations — you may not get the same wallet boost, but you'll still get that same lighter-load feeling in your closet.
Vintage Thrift Shop, 286 Third Avenue (between 22nd and 23rd streets); 212-871-0777.
Tokio 7
Established in 1995, Tokio 7 includes everything from high-end labels like Chanel, to local East Village designers. As a result, the style ranges from classic to very unusual. The merchandise changes daily, which means they're always looking for new inventory. If you're bringing old treasures in, let the staff price it for you — trust us, they know best. Plus, they actually have real dressing rooms!
Tokio 7, 83 East 71st Street (between First and Second avenues); 212-353-8443.
Buffalo Exchange
Often known as the biggest heavy-hitter in the consignment world, this shop dominates NYC vintage. Their inventory isn't as high-end as other boutiques, but that means that they aren't as picky about the designers you're looking to consign.
Buffalo Exchange, 504 Driggs Avenue (between North 9th and North 10th streets); Brooklyn; 718-384-6901.

The Dressing Room
Part cocktail bar, part clothing exchange — need we say more? They also hawk duds from up-and-coming designers, and have a DJ on hand to entertain shoppers and consignors. One thing to remember: They buy seasonally, so you can only sell summer clothes during the summer, and so forth.

The Dressing Room, 75 Orchard Street (between Broome and Grand streets); 212.966.7330.

Photos: Courtesy of INA, Fox & Fawn, The Dressing Room