L'Wren Scott Teaches Us To Keep Our Shoulders Back, Head Down

When it comes to cross-over stars, it's a territory of hits and misses. That reality-TV-character-turned-recording-artist-turned-sports-car designer? Um, we'll pass. However, some career hoppers are able to switch from one specialty to another without a hitch. Designer L'Wren Scott is one such example.
Jump-starting her career as a teenager, in which her towering, graceful height and stunning looks carried her from Roy, Utah, to the runways of Chanel and Thierry Mugler, and later into styling and, eventually, design, Scott is something of a style-career chameleon — naturally transitioning from one endeavor to the next.
With her first resort collection for '13, L'Wren gives us a feeling that there's always something new we can look forward to from this business woman. Fortunately, we had the chance to ask her ourselves. Not only did she provide some handy advice for any lady who can keep up with her 6'5" frame, she also gave us insight on her success. And even though she says she hasn't really "made it" yet, we beg to differ.
Congrats on your first resort line! What compelled you to finally design for this in-between season? What goals did you have in mind for this collection?
"Thank you. I was just itching to do fun prints. I had been researching wartime propaganda, and it occurred to me that I could make my own propaganda prints. I then started with my pens and paper and designed based on messages I thought were fun to send."
So many people are aware of your shift from model to stylist to designer. How did they come about, and what was it like moving around different fields in the industry?
"Everything in life happens because you decide to do it and make it work. I loved being a stylist and designer for hire. I had been thinking about it for a long time … it was a scary thing to venture into — but you always have to try in life."
What was the point in your career when you realized that you were really on your way? When did you have an "I made it" moment?
"I don’t think I have had that moment yet. I never believe I have done it and made it. I just keep my head down and work. I am the person who always looks at things and thinks I can do better."
If you had to choose one, which piece from your current collection best represents you?
"It is hard not to always say my headmistress dress. I love this dress, and it evolves every season."
Photo: Courtesy of L'Wren Scott
As a beautiful woman known for her height, what kind of advice can you give to help women dress and carry a taller frame?
"Always stand up straight and don’t slouch. Own who you are. Don’t try to cover your silhouette — just enhance it."
Aside from your own label, what designers could we find in your closet?
"Rick Owens, Lanvin, Prada, Rag & Bone jeans."
What does your everyday uniform look like?
"A slim, simple silhouette. I vary from a jean ‘rock 'n' roll’ look to a simple dress silhouette. Then I go into a week of only pencil skirts. It really depends on my mood."
Spill it: What's the one thing in your closet we would be shocked to find?
"My Hunter boots? I don’t know. Come and look, and tell me. I think my closet is pretty predictable."
What's the best piece of advice you have ever received? Who was it from?
"If you want something in life, you have to go and work for it. Don’t expect it to come and knock on your front door in Roy, Utah. Just go find it. This is the piece of advice my mother gave me when I was 16. I took it and left for Paris a year later."
Photo: Courtesy of L'Wren Scott

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