This Perfume Will Make You Smell Good Enough To...Read

Do you find it surprising when the most plugged-in, ultra-savvy of tech users still opt to flip pages instead of reaching for a Kindle or iPad? We don't, because, well, we are those people. There are a lot of things we like about leafing through a tangible tome, not least of which is scent. Like fresh-baked cookies or your mom's classic go-to perfume, the smell of printed pages is alluring and nostalgic, and entirely part of the experience for us bookworms.
Paper Passion, a new offering from perfumer Geza Schoen, has bottled the page-turner into a new spritz that smells, we suspect, something like a cross between the classics section of the public library and your favorite old leather-bound volume in your Grandpa's library. Landing a fellow story sniffer to design the clever packaging — the one and only Karl Lagerfeld — the new perfume "For Booklovers" was created for Wallpaper* magazine and will cost you $115 per bottle. We can only hope that the next set of fragrances from this book club includes a Dewey Decimal system of scents, sorting by author and genre. But, for the meantime, we want to know if you would actually wear a book-scented perfume, or would you prefer to To the comments with your thoughts! (MSN)
Paper Passion by Gerhard Steidl, Geza Schoen, $115, available at Steidl.

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