The Ultimate Miami Playlist From Our Girl Jessica Who

Fill in the blank: Summer ______. We can add "lovin'" or "school", but our favorite summer suffix has got to be "jams." Since no city knows getting down quite like Miami, when the tourists leave, we can finally pump up the volume.
We asked DJ Jessica Who, one of the busiest — and most stylish — ladies in the 305, to share with her summer musts. In between jetting all over the world and opening up for acts like Samantha Ronson and A-Trak, she shared her (extensive) knowledge of the tunes she cannot stop rocking out to these days. What she's curated is an upbeat, high-energy playlist that'll keep you boppin' all summer, whether you are getting ready to go out, needing some new workout tunes, or trying to set the mood for a killer party. Her picks are definite summer musts with a major Miami flavor. Plus, not only does Jessica explain her picks with aplomb, but she points out samples, remixes, and musical history. (Yeah, she's that good.)
So, take a listen and let us know what your favorite summer jam is in the comments. Remember: Nothing makes a Friday go faster than a great set from a killer DJ.
Photo: Courtesy of DJ Jessica Who
"Running Back To You," Perseus
"I don't know if I would call this a remix or a remake, but this version of Ashanti's 'Foolish' is perfect poolside music. It is slick and sexy, and I love that they paid homage by using the Biggie drops that appeared on her original version. She had actually used the instrumental from Biggie's original 'One More Chance', which took its instrumental from El De Barge's 'Stay With Me'. So, there's a little musical history for you." 
"Hurting (Tensnake Remix)," Friendly Fires
"This, again, is poolside music for me. The vocals are really echoed, making them sound dreamy and surreal, but it's still so catchy. Great impending-breakup lyrics, so if you're single and ready to spend your summer mingling, this is your jam."
"Tongue Tied (Gigamesh Remix)," Grouplove
"This song is like having a summer-camp crush. It's so upbeat and innocent, especially with lyrics like 'Take me to your best friend's house' and 'Slumber party / Pillow fight'. But it was made so much better with this amazing remix by my very talented friend Gigamesh." 
"Closer Than This (Viceroy Remix)," St. Lucia
"If you weren't in a great mood by now, you must be a cyborg. If your heart happens to be made of stone, this song should do the trick. First of all, this band is named after a Caribbean island. Second, the duet is just one of those really simple love songs with a great one-liner hook. The perfect summer-fling song — plus it starts with seabird and ocean noises."
"Digital Love," Daft Punk
"This track is an absolute classic and has definitely held up since its release eleven years ago. You know those scenes in movies where everyone is dancing on a rooftop in the middle of the city? This is ALWAYS the song they're listening to…at least, in my movie." 
"Funky Vodka," TJR
"A ridiculously feel-good funky house track with samples from Kenny Dixon Jr. and Toots and the Maytals. I am a huge soul and funk fan, and this manages to encapsulate that feeling in a really modern format." 
"The Clapping Song," Shirley Ellis
"Released in 1965, this track is basically one of those Miss Mary Mack games you played as a kid, complete with step-by-step instructions. It makes me think of kids running through fire hydrants and playing double Dutch in the street. This song would be played at the awesomest house party ever."
"Big Spender," Theophilus London, feat. A$AP Rocky
"This song takes Shirley Bassey's 'Big Spender' from 1967 and flips it into this ridiculous face-melting hip-hop beat. I am a huge fan of Theophilus and first heard this in December when I DJed before an Art Basel show he did. The crowd's reaction to hearing that beat drop was just a collective 'HOLY S**T.'" 
"Punching In A Dream," The Naked And Famous
"There's really not much that gives you a better feeling than a good scream-at-the-top-of-your-lungs indie-rock song. The music itself is big and spacey, and the vocals are seriously 'I hope no one is watching me sing this song to myself in the car' style." 
"Whole Wide World," Wreckless Eric
"This song came out in 1977 and is about trying to find the love of your life in a crappy factory town, but for all he knows, his soulmate is waiting for him on a sunny beach in Tahiti. I really love how it starts really quietly and low-key and then jumps into this tambourine-fueled rock song. It's like a musical metaphor for the transition from winter to summer. This song ended up being covered by everyone and their mother, including The Monkees, but I think the original is the best." 
"Clocks," Buena Vista Social Club Feat. Coldplay
This is basically Coldplay's classic with music redone by the Buena Vista Social Club, which gives it such a different, mellow, and romantic feel. It starts just like 'Clocks' with the piano riff, but when it breaks down into the salsa part with the horns, the vibe of the song changes completely. This is mojito music." 
"I Found U" (Locco Lovers Remix), Axwell
As far as I remember, this original song came out in 2007, and I was always in love with the vocals on it. I was so excited when I found this remix a few months ago, because while the original was amazing, this made it even more upbeat and positive." 
"Only The Horses" (Calvin Harris Remix), Scissor Sisters
"I've loved the Scissor Sisters since their first album, but they've only had a few minor reappearances (in the U.S.) since. I feel like they had a hard time adjusting their sound as music changed over the past six years, but they definitely found it with this one. Big vocals plus piano riffs plus Calvin Harris equals pure joy." 
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