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Jaw-Dropping DIY: Make Your Own Nail-Art Stickers!

Sometimes the simplest ideas can be the most game-changing. When we spotted this nail sticker DIY on The Beauty Department, we literally couldn't stop ourselves from giving it a try immediately. It's simplistic genius at its best, and better still, it works!
This clever trick involves painting nail polish onto Scotch tape, letting it dry (important), and then cutting it into desired shapes and applying to your nails. Never again will you stress about getting your lines and shapes just-so. Let your scissors do the work for you, instead.
We do suggest applying two generous coats of clear topcoat afterward though, to seal your shapes in place and prevent peeling. Also, the smaller your scissors, the more intricate your shapes can be. Knitting scissors would work wonders here. Is it just us, or did nail art just get insane? (The Beauty Department)
Photo: Via The Beauty Department