Plus-Size Cocktail Dresses: 12 Fancy Frocks To Flaunt Your Curves

Every girl, no matter her shape or size, needs at least one go-to cocktail dress that she can turn to for an unexpected party or a last-minute event. You know — that staple frock that always looks good, feels appropriate, and fits like a charm. We know that that search for the perfect dress becomes a lot more challenging, when you're sifting through plus-size offerings that are…less than inspired.
So, we did some homework for you (and we never did our friends' homework in school, so you know you're special) to select a solid batch of beautiful, figure-flattering dresses that'll show off your curves in serious style. We handpicked more than a few winners that will get you through gala season, a dozen summer weddings, and a few dress-to-impress shindigs—surely that deserves an A+, right?

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