5 Things To Know This AM — Apr 16 2012

"Mommy Porn" author E.L. James is coming to Coral Gables to talk about her weirdly viral book, "Fifty Shades Of Grey". In case that appeals to you. No judgment. (Electric Blogarella)
Heartbreaking aww-alert. A tiny, hours-old kitten was rescued from a drainpipe in Coral Way yesterday. The little guy is at Broward's Humane Society if you want to take a poor kitty home. (NBC)
SNL takes on our "Stand Your Ground" law, and somehow makes it funny and poignant. (Huffington Post)
Though we finally got to see the home run atrocity finally in play, we much prefer Snarkitecture's awesome tribute to The Orange Bowl. (Hypebeast)
We've got to big up our girl The Fashion Poet for her appearance on Société Perrier. She's definitely bringing the love to the Miami blogging scene. (Société Perrier)
Photo: Via Electric Blogarella

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