Watch This Model Interpretive Dance In Wendy Nichol's Video Lookbook

You ever have the urge to imitate a guy's walk down the street, hand out newspapers like you're the daily dispenser, fist pump in a laundromat? Yeah... uhh... us either. But in her fall '12 video lookbook, Wendy Nichol lets us explore our quirky and downright bizarre impulses as the model mirrors bent street signs, graffiti, and buildings with her fluid body language (oh, and her awesome mohawk). While you might not catch us flashing our outfits in the middle of a street, you could definitely find us strutting down one in these incredibly well tailored ensembles. Check out the video below and let us know what kind of interpretive dances you wanna do around the city... then be bold and do 'em. We double-dog dare you.
Video: Courtesy of Wendy Nichol

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