Your Daily Fashion Photo Fix — With Art Inspiration, To Boot

You know this already, but we love a good fashion editorial. But we really love it when a fashion shoot brings more to the table than just pretty clothes. Lucky for us, SocialStudiesDC (the blog component of LivingSocial) did just that with today's feature, styling up an array of crush-worthy looks inspired by three art exhibitions around town.
Highlighting abstract florals, washed-out neon hues, and a strong dose of sporty-chic, these ensembles are getting us in the mood for a weather-induced wardrobe overhaul. Our faves among the locally sourced finds? The Timo Weiland skirt and the neon H&M cardigan — so perfect for spring! Take a look and let us know what you think: Do these looks get you in the mood to get dressed? (SocialStudiesDC)
Photo: Via SocialStudiesDC

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