5 Ways To Elevate Your Jeans-And-Tee Uniform

Update: Because a jeans-and-tee combo is still our favorite every-day uniform, we revisited this story from January to help keep you inspired to freshen up even the most basic (but still rad) of outfits.
Even if you don't ID yourself as a jeans-and-a-T-shirt kind of girl, chances are that you actually default to this uniform more often than you'd like to admit. There's nothing more convenient than throwing on a threadbare shirt and a worn pair of jeans, but let's face it — if one more person asks you if you're feeling tired or hungover, you're might have to create a bonfire out of your threads. Though the uniform is simple (like, really simple), there's wiggle room to turn your old go-to into a few combinations that are legitimately awesome. Here's how to elevate your easiest lazy-day look.
Photo: Via Madewell

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