Becky G Betted on Regional Mexican Music & Won With Esquinas

Becky G is entering a season of absolute abundance. 
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It’s the day before she’s kicking off her Mi Casa, Tu Casa tour — her first headlining tour ever — and in a few short weeks, her new album Esquinas will be released into the world. All of this is happening not even five months after her main stage appearance at Coachella, where she wowed the crowd with her hits like “Shower,” “Baile Con Mi Ex,” and “Yo Acabó.”
If the 26-year-old Inglewood, California native, whose full name is Rebecca Marie Gomez, hasn’t officially arrived just yet, she’s well on her way.
“This time around, I get to perform different songs from different times in my career and bring those songs live to the stage,” Becky exclusively tells Refinery29 Somos. “With my new album coming out very soon, it felt like the right thing to do: mix all the worlds that have been built throughout my career.” 
The 16-stop tour, which began September 14 in Boston and will wrap up October 14 in Phoenix, will be “a lot of energy,” and fans, it seems, are more than ready. To date, 10 of the shows are already sold out. It’s a milestone that still hasn’t quite sunk in for Becky. 

"To just be able to say that I have my own headlining tour, it feels like such an accomplishment."

“Because I think being in this season of my career, to just be able to say that I have my own headlining tour, it feels like such an accomplishment,” she says. “And then to see so many sold-out shows — it’s really like the cherry on top for me.”
Of course, getting ready to hit 16 stops in one month and deliver heart-pumping performances at the same time comes with plenty of challenges. As the headliner, all the decisions ultimately funnel back to Becky and her vision for the tour. 
“I’m small, I’m only five feet tall, so it’s amazing how we find the time and space for me to be in multiple places at once,” she says, laughing. “Rehearsals, for me, a lot of my preparation is just as much mental as it is physical. Obviously, it’s pretty emotionally taxing when you’re very passionate and creative about everything that you do.” 
Meditation is “super, super important” for Becky and her self-care ritual. She’s also been seeing a therapist for a couple years on a “need to check in basis,” which helps keep her grounded even amid the eternal chaos of tour planning.
“I’ve [been] an opening act for so many amazing artists throughout my career, and this time around, it’s my show,” she says. “The patience it takes to get to this point, the risks that come with this time in my career — just knowing it’s all been worth it in the end, just living in that space of gratitude. Even when problems arise, I’ve always looked at it like the obstacle is the way. And that’s how I get better.”
On the physical side of tour prep, Becky has to have a seemingly endless supply of endurance. Her performances turn into hours-long cardio workouts so she trains at the gym multiple times a week and stays hydrated with water and Vita Coco, which she recently partnered with for its “Refreshingly Real” campaign. “I mean, I have stairs on my stage, and we’re up and down those like every other song, so it’s pretty physically taxing,” she says. 

"I’ve [been] an opening act for so many amazing artists throughout my career, and this time around, it’s my show."

becky g
There’s “so much love” that comes with the process of bringing a tour to life, Becky adds. For Mi Casa, Tu Casa, specifically, the idea began with her Coachella performance back in April. 
“The debut of Casa Gomez took place on the Coachella stage, and for me to be able to bring, basically, in my head, the blueprint, the architectural design of Casa Gomez to a city near to my fans across the U.S., this feels so personal,” Becky says. “And it feels like such an intimate experience putting a tour together with my band and my dancers.” 
In the middle of her tour, on September 29, Becky’s album Esquinas will be released. And for the Mexican American artist, it’s her most personal project to date. What excites her the most is that the album is 100% authentic to her and is a body of work that represents her upbringing, her childhood, as well as what all of that means to her today.
Photo: Natasha Moustache/Getty Images.
Her grandparents, in particular, played a crucial part in instilling the Mexican traditions and practices in Becky’s household. It was always a dream of hers to make “regional inspired projects,” but it was a matter of when. Three years ago, she sat down with her record label to discuss the idea.
“Funnily enough, it was mentioned, ‘Well, you know, the genre is very old now and there’s not enough new blood in it. Are you sure you want to go in that direction?’” Becky recalls. “I was like, absolutely. It’s definitely something I want to do. This is my next project. And, next thing you know, regional Mexican music now has had this like really big moment, and it makes me so proud to know that my instincts were right on time.” 
She describes Esquinas as a love letter to her grandparents and all they taught her, though it is also “a love letter to the future generations.”

"It’s never too late to learn about where we come from and practice those traditions and be proud to have that blood running through our veins."

becky g
“To know that it’s never too late to learn about where we come from and practice those traditions and be proud to have that blood running through our veins,” she says. 
When Becky reflects on the year she’s had so far, one key lesson is rooted in the value of what she calls “self expansion.” She wants to keep finding ways to be both “a better person and a better artist,” whether it’s learning a new skill or stepping into unfamiliar territory.
There is no growth without a little discomfort, after all. And now, Becky is embracing her long-overdue headlining moment.
“You kind of get to that age where you’re like, oh, I was a mature child for a very long time,” she says. “But now I’m the underdeveloped adult, and I want to learn more stuff; I want to go out into the world and continue that expansion. That’s been my biggest thing this year, and it’s really proven well for me.”

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