Bachelor Nation Can’t Stop Making Fun Of Greg Watching Katie & Blake’s Date

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
Katie Thurston's hometowns episode of The Bachelorette ended in what can be best described as a heap of flaming garbage. Her frontrunner Greg's unexpected breakdown and surprising departure led to confusion, tears, and her basically throwing in the towel.
But amid the drama, the episode also provided a very important moment of hilarity — well, as far as the internet is concerned.
During contestant Blake's date, which came first of the three finalists, the Canadian challenged Katie to a street hockey game. Greg unexpectedly (read: the producers likely orchestrated this) went onto his hotel balcony and caught a glimpse of their 1:1. He just sat there, watching, as Blake and Katie laughed with each other and kissed in a fake penalty box. "I'm sick to my stomach," Greg said in a talking head. "I understand that she's going to catch feelings for other guys. It's hard to face those facts. Seeing her with Blake, she looks so happy and it scared me."
Sure, you could feel bad for Greg, who is notoriously mopey and has been wrestling all season with his insecurity in his relationship with Katie, but fans on social media...honestly found it pretty hilarious.
"greg, if the producers tell you to go look at something outside, believe that it will likely hurt you," wrote one Twitter user.
"Alexa play 'Good 4 U' by Olivia Rodrigo," wrote another over a photo of Greg sulking on the balcony.
"Me when I see my friends hanging out without me on Instagram stories," wrote another fan.
The roller coaster of emotions with Greg this season has been pretty unreal. Every week, the 27-year-old finds some reason to be worried about his relationship with Katie, even though she makes it clear that he is the frontrunner. The man is justifiably emotional, and when Katie meets his family we get a clearer understanding of what he's been through and what he's lost.
But this particular incident, followed by his absolute meltdown at the end of the episode — he felt Katie was being "fake" and seemed to have completely forgotten that he voluntarily signed up for a reality TV show — just seems so laughably melodramatic.
If this whole Bachelorette thing doesn't end up working out for him, Greg may have a future in soap operas.

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