Olivia Munn Would Like You To Know How Much The Tabloids Get Wrong About Her

Photo: Jon Kopaloff/WireImage.
Olivia Munn has become a bit of a tabloid fixture lately, with many speculating about whether she may or may not be dating John Mulaney. (Those recent photos of her having lunch with the comedian certainly upped the chatter.) However, she would like to share her insight on some of the internet claims on her romantic life. "There is so much attention on things that aren’t the truth," she said in the cover story for NewBeauty. 
Her comment, which comes at the end of the piece, wasn't specifically addressing her relationship status with Mulaney, who recently separated from his wife of six years Anna Marie Tendler. Rather, she was referring to how her private life and public relationships with exes like Aaron Rodgers have been covered by the media. “I think what’s more surprising is how much is incorrect,” she said. "And if you speak up and try to say the truth," she added, "you’re accused of being messy or just not believed. I’ve gotten used to it, but it hasn’t made it easier.” 
That might be why Munn chose not to wade into the Mulaney dating discourse. (His name is only mentioned once in the NewBeauty story and not by her.) She likely knows that would only serve to perpetuate the rumor mill, which is already churning thanks to reports that she's "sneaking" into Mulaney's comedy shows because she's "so smitten" with him.
For now, we don't really know what's going on with Munn and Mulaney. But she would prefer you to take anything you read about her with a grain of salt. Though, let's all admit, these photos are worth a thousand words at least.

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