What Is Going On In This Photo Of Justin & Hailey Bieber With The President Of France?

Photo: James Devaney/GC Images.
Two very different worlds collided on Monday when Hailey and Justin Bieber stopped by for a visit in Paris with French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife, Brigitte. The pair met the president at his Elysee Palace office during the country’s annual Fête de la Musique, or Music Day.
In a now-viral photo, the two couples are seen posing side-by-side with forced smiles and smirks all around. Hailey is wearing a beige colored cutout dress showing off her abs with a pair of ankle-tie sandal heels next to Justin, who is wearing a grey pinstripe suit with a white buttoned down shirt and a pair of blue Nikes. Emmanuel, who looks presidential, if a little out of place (yes, out of place in his own office with an International pop star and model) poses next to his wife Brigitte, who some say is “serving face.”
In response to this deeply confusing meeting of the minds, we, members of the Internet, have a lot of questions. For example: Why were the Biebers visiting the French president in the first place? Why is the photo of them so blurry? What could these couples possibly be discussing? And, lastly, where is the rest of Hailey Bieber's outfit?
Well, no one actually knows why this photo was taken, or what this meeting was about. All we know is that Justin posted the awkwardly posed photo op with the First Family of France on his Instagram on Monday. He didn't caption the image, though, leaving everyone with more questions than answers. So the mystery remains over how this visit came together in the first place, though it’s possible the Biebers just decided to sprinkle in some politics to their tour of Paris. In terms of communication, the popstar may have been able to hold his own with Macron. He is French Canadian, after all. 
But we’re also not the only ones with questions. Many others had thoughts about this unexpected gathering, and the wardrobe choices of those involved. “Why is Justin Bieber with the French president?” one person asked on Instagram. “Oui oui baguette,” wrote another person. "Bestie, what is this quality" wrote one user in response to the very blurry quality. Others questioned Hailey’s outfit, too: “Hailey: really?” wrote one person, with most other comments appearing to be in French.
While I might not wear Hailey’s look myself, I feel like there isn't really a dress code for meeting a president, especially when you’re an American model and socialite. So, perhaps, Hailey is really setting the bar for all future pop stars and models who plan to meet the Macrons. And perhaps Brigitte Macron is setting the bar for how to serve face when meeting a Bieber.
To the one commenter who simply wrote “??????” on the captionless photo: We feel you, we really do.

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