Your Horoscope This Week: June 20, 2021

Illustration by Stefhany Lozano
The last full week of June yawns before us, and what would Pride be without a little full moon energy? This week's festivities arrive on the heels of Jupiter stationing retrograde on the 20th, a transit that lasts four months and loves to sprinkle a dash of introspection and “for your own good” into life’s impulsive plans. Mercury stationing direct on June 22nd will help alleviate some of the chaos our winged messenger stirred up — especially during the solar eclipse — but the retrograde shadow period might have us facing the consequences of our missteps for another two weeks.
And, while it’s true that the Sun in Cancer is a Sun that loves to remind us when and how somebody’s feelings got hurt eons ago, it’s also a zodiac sign underrepresented in the category of Most Likely to Have a Good Time — and give you one. too. Cancers are luminous and their light is generous, it’s bold in the day and subtle at night, but never not on. It’s the kind of warmth and attention we’ll need under the full moon’s glow in Capricorn, a night that’s sure to bring up a few insecurities and some difficult decisions, too.
Welcome to Cancer Season, don’t let the door slap your ass too hard on the way in.

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