We Have Questions About Every Celebrity Hitting Up Their Ex

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Late '90s/early '00s fashion trends may be coming back in style, but many celebrities seem to be tapping into their nostalgia in a more drastic way...by hanging out with their exes?
Lately, it seems like everyone in Hollywood has collectively been dared by their best friend to reach out to an old flame — very fun as a sleepover prank, but in real-life practice, especially following a high-profile breakup? Bold.
Of course, we all know about the reunification of Bennifer, which began as a fun rumor after Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez called off their engagement. But now it seems that the two are serious, and want to give their 2002ish-2004 relationship another shot. On-and-off again couples are of course A Thing, but since it's been nearly two decades, the pair have been a (welcome) surprise. But little did they know what kind of feral energy they'd had released into the world.
On June 13, Rodriguez posted a few photos on Instagram with his ex-wife, Cynthia Scurtis, who he was with from 2002 to 2008 and is the mother of their two teenaged daughters. He and Scurtis, along with a handful of other friends and colleagues, had completed a 54-day fitness challenge together, and Rodriguez shared footage of his ex helping him ice his leg. “Cynthia is a world class mommy to our girls … wrapping ice though?!?!?! LOL,” Rodriguez captioned the Instagram Story. He also shared a selfie of them and a friend. Considering that the Bennifer excitement has basically eclipsed any narrative about his split with Lopez, this could be a play to gain some attention (congratulations, it's working). But what if Lopez's move made him reevaluate his own past relationships? Or maybe he's just high on endorphins?
Whatever "it" is, it also has apparently wafted over to Angelina Jolie. The actress was seen arriving at her British ex-husband Jonny Lee Miller's apartment building on the night of June 11 with a bottle of wine. Jolie and Miller met on the set of 1995's Hackers, in which they play love interests, and were married the next year. The two separated, however, in 1997 and divorced in 1999. Despite both moving on to different relationships, they've reportedly remained close, and in a 2004 interview with B magazine, Jolie said divorcing Miller “was probably the dumbest thing I’ve ever done,” per Page Six. The two are now single (Miller divorced his wife of 10 years, Michelle Hicks, in 2018 and Jolie has been going through a public divorce from Brad Pitt since 2019), so maybe they're picking up what Bennifer is putting down?
Honestly, we've seen the same people being recycled on Tinder, but has Hollywood also simply run out of singles? Once Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt get back together, we'll know for sure.

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