The Masked Singer Seashell May Be A Famous Twin

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Spoilers are ahead. During its season 5 premiere, The Masked Singer only introduced one woman contestant: Seashell. Her sweet voice and shiny costume are helping her shine brighter than her competitors. Although she was a little shaky at the start of her first performance in season 5, Seashell eventually settled into her rendition of "Listen To Your Heart" with some much needed energy. She's got playoffs material written all over her.
While Seashell’s identity is a tough one to crack, there are some standout clues, many of which had the panel thinking that Seashell became a household name at a young age. She seemed to confirm that theory when she mentioned that she has stage experience. There are quite a lot of former child stars who have also released albums, but a few candidates really stand out when you consider the clues.

Clues That Tamera Mowry Is Seashell

The German reference and baseball hints are so specific that they single out one well-known actress: Tamera Mowry. Multiple child stars reach stardom at a young age but the “massive tsunami of success” Seashell described points to one of the Mowry sisters being inside the costume. They were considered Disney Channel/ABC royalty in the ‘90s. There’s a chance we’re focused on the wrong sister , but there is more than enough evidence to suggest that Tamera is the twin on The Masked Singer this season. 
“No two shells are the same” — Cluedle-Doo clue from Week 1: Originally, we thought this clue meant Seashell played a twin on television. But maybe Cluedle-Doo’s hint should have been taken literally. Mowry is half of the famous Tia and Tamera duo. The two rose to fame with their hit show Sister, Sister
The German sausage from Week 1: Cluedle-Doo made sure to highlight this important clue for the audience, and the Mowry sisters just so happen to have been  born in Gelnhausen, Germany. 
Witch’s broom from Week 1: Although Sister, Sister originally aired on ABC and The WB, reruns were shown on Disney Channel. Mowry starred in a couple Disney Channel Original Movies with her sister including the film Twitches and its sequel, about twins who are born witches. 
“Used to sing way back in the day” from Week 1: If you have rewatched all six seasons of Sister, Sister on Netflix, then you will be familiar with Mowry’s singing. A few episodes featured Mowry singing songs like “I’m Goin’ Down” by Mary J. Blige. You can also hear her sing in this 2016 clip from The Real: 
The baseballs from Week 3: Seashell’s second set of clues focused on her husband who she called a “total jock.” Before becoming a Fox News correspondent, Mowry’s husband Adam Housley played professional baseball
Bakery background from Week 3: Seashell spoke in front of a background filled with bread, eggs, and milk. Her self portrait clue also included a mixing bowl with a whisk. Mowry frequently posts “Cooking with Tam” videos on her Instagram. 
Stopwatch with 2 mins from Week 3: Tia and Tamera are identical twins, but one of them is technically older. Tamera was born two minutes before Tia, which the younger twin confirmed in a video posted to her YouTube channel

Clues That Sarah Michelle Gellar Is Seashell

Keeping with the idea that Seashell is a former child star, we could look toward another actress who started out at a young age: Sarah Michelle Gellar. Seashell’s initial clues were pretty vague, but there is some support for the Gellar theory.
“No two shells are the same” — the Cluedle-Doo clue from Week 1: If Cluedle-Doo’s hint means that Seashell has played twins in a previous role, the clue could also apply to Gellar. On Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the actor played multiple versions of Buffy throughout the show’s run. The clue could also refer to Gellar’s role in the CW series Ringer, in which she played two estranged twin sisters. 
“Massive tsunami of success” from Week 1: After landing a part on the soap opera All My Children in 1993, Gellar later won a Daytime Emmy for the role before starring as Buffy Summers. She was also cast in cult classic movies like I Know What You Did Last Summer and Cruel Intentions. Gellar was constantly working throughout the ‘90s and early 2000s.
“He was a total jock” from Week 3: The special guy Seashell gushed over in her second clue package could’ve been Gellar’s husband Freddie Prince Jr. who is a fellow ‘90s hearthrob. In the cult classic She’s All That, Prinze played a stereotypical popular jock. Gellar also made a cameo in this film. 
The poodle from Week 3: A photo of a black poodle flashed on the screen during Seashell’s second clue package. Although Gellar does not own this exact breed, the image could have been a reference to her love for dogs. She frequently posts pictures of her adorable pups on her Instagram. 
Previous Guesses:

Lindsay Lohan Is Seashell

During the season 5 premiere, guest host Niecy Nash gave a gift to the panel: a sort of swear jar adorned with pictures of celebrities that the panelists guess every single season, one of which was Lindsay Lohan. She would have been a huge get for The Masked Singer, but the presence of her face on the jar seemed like  a misdirect to steer the panel away from then-obvious Lohan clues.
“No two shells are the same” — the Cluedle-Doo clue from Week 1: This week 1 clue implied that Seashell was someone who has played twins before. Lohan famously portrayed twin sisters Annie and Hallie in the 1998 The Parent Trap remake. 
“Always adrift, I never felt grounded so I found my peace by the shore” from Week 1: Lohan appeared in multiple hits in the early 2000s, including Mean Girls and Freaky Friday, but she took a step back from acting in the 2010s. She reemerged with a 2016 reality TV series after she founded multiple nightclubs and resorts in Greece. That seemed to count  as “peace by the shore."
“Always wanted to sing on stage and used to way back in the day” from Week 1: The panel noted that Seashell seemed a little timid at the beginning of her performance, but that it's clear that she is experienced at performing. At the start of her career, Lohan was also a singer and released two albums.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Is Seashell

Surprisingly, the panel’s first guesses about Seashell’s identity were pretty convincing. Panelist Robin Thicke offered Jennifer Love Hewitt, which was reasonable based solely on Seashell’s height and frame. But there are other signs that point to Hewitt, too.  
The cowboy hat from Week 1: Seashell spoke about wearing many hats and the clue package highlighted a cowboy hat. Hewitt has dabbled in music as a singer and she is also a producer. Thicke also pointed out that Hewitt is from Texas, which could explain the cowboy hat.  
“Always wanted to sing on stage and used to way back in the day” from Week 1: After her performance of “Listen to Your Heart” by Roxette, Seashell told Nash that she wondered if music was her “true calling.” Before Hewitt landed her breakout role in Party of Five, she released a debut album called Love Songs. She has released three more albums since then, with her last record coming out in 2002. The Masked Singer would be her first singing performance in years
This story will continue to be updated as more clues are revealed on The Masked Singer.

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