Let Me Remind You Of The Most Underrated Spooky Season Movie

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Generally speaking, 2020 has me feeling nostalgic for literally any other year of my life. I can barely go on Instagram or Facebook without being completely overwhelmed by my "On This Day" or Timehop reminders, a look back to a time when I could smoosh my face against friends' in selfies, or meander around Brooklyn mask-free just because it's a sunny day. But nothing strikes more nostalgia in me than to remember movies from my tween and teen years, especially Disney Channel Original Movies.
Beyond the whole "You're Watching Disney Channel" meme, DCOMs have made an earnest resurgence with the popular streaming app Disney+, home to dozens of movies that I completely forgot I used to be obsessed with. One such film? Twitches, starring real-life twins and '90s TV icons Tia and Tamera Mowry. It's an underrated Disney Channel classic (as opposed to the utterly overrated Halloweentown franchise) and deserves be recognized as the type of spooky movie that expands beyond the October holiday season. Twitches is about friendship, sisterhood, and extremely cheesy one-liners. Plus, it's one of the few Disney Channel films to feature two Black lead actresses.
As Disney+ competitor Netflix continues to add more shows to its streaming service as part of Strong Black Lead, there's never been a better time to acknowledge, appreciate, and rewatch carefree and light-hearted Black-led movies and shows. Yes, Debbie Reynolds as Aggie Cromwell is still one of HBIC of witches (although Anne Hathaway would like a word), but why listen to Marnie Piper quibble about her mom not telling her she’s a witch when you can watch Artemis and Apolla realize they are twin sisters separated by birth and brought together by unknown forces to save an entire kingdom from the ominous Darkness?
Twitches is about good versus evil, so instead of sulking that I won't be able to go to a Halloween party littered with germs, I'll be watching Alex and Cam (their real-world names) learn about their magical past and forge a lifelong bond as twin witch sisters with Refinery29's Movie Club at 5 PM on Thursday October 22.

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