The Best Disney Channel Original Movies On Disney+

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I have to admit something: I've seen maybe three, tops, Disney Channel original movies. You can blame my parents, who didn't shell out for the Disney Channel even though I (repeatedly!) asked. Even when I had to just nod along in conversations with friends about their favorite of the made-for-TV movies, the absence of Disney hadn't affected my life that significantly. Then, Disney+ came out, and it felt like everyone in my vicinity lost. Their. Minds. All over social media, my friends and acquaintances were opening up Disney's vault and basking in almost 500 movies and 7,500 TV episodes, most notably enjoying the previously hard-to-find DCOMs of their youth.
Let's say you're like me and looking for a way to dive in for the first time, or you forgot about these titles and are looking for a refresher before sinking into the nostalgia. To diehard fans who are here to argue with these choices, I plead the fifth! I asked those in my life with a longtime affinity for Disney for contributions and rounded up all the titles I've been told you can't go wrong with. Ahead are the best DCOMs that have been unleashed from the Disney vault, what I think they're about based on their posters, and what actually went down on screen while I was busy watching Nickelodeon.
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