The 20 Greatest Disney Channel Original Movies, Ever

Photo: Disney/Everett Collection.
Disney Channel Original Movies can sometimes get pushed aside in the world of nostalgia for the Disney features shown in theaters. But just because you didn't fork over your allowance to experience Zenon for the first time doesn't mean it was any less integral to your childhood.

Some DCOM were totally silly but left important imprints on '90s-kid culture. There's a reason you may still text your childhood BFF, "Zetus Lapetus!"
Others were more serious fare that taught you those important adolescent lessons. Like, be careful what you wish for, or value friends above status. Or possibly most importantly, don't try to shrug off the sudden appearance of scales.
To kick off your inevitable nostalgia binge, we've rounded up the best DCOMs of all time. Now go ahead, start singing the lead-in theme song.

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