I Care A Lot Is Full Of Very Good Actors Playing Terrible People

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
As Marla Grayson says in the opening moments of Netflix's new film I Care A Lot, "There's no such thing as good people." Luckily, there are such thing as good actors and the I Care A Lot cast is full of them.
No surprise, in this dark thriller, most of them — well, basically all of them — are playing bad people. Seriously, take your pick for who is the worst: the court-appointed legal guardian scamming her elderly wards, the Russian mobster with a sweet tooth or the doctor who is willing to sell out her patients for a big payday. Just reprehensible, which makes the casting of this film so important. How can you not feel some kind of way watching your favorite Lannister or one of Hollywood's best Chrises being so bad? Though, maybe hiring the star of Gone Girl is a sign of the vibe the film is going for.
I Care A Lot is a biting look at the American Dream, distilled to its most cynical interpretation. Yet, the film, thanks to its performances, feels like the right kind of wrong. But, be warned, you might leave your viewing feeling a little dirty. Before you press play, meet the characters you're absolutely going to love to hate — and, quite possibly, hate to love.

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