20 Romantic K-Dramas to Cuddle Up With On Netflix, Hulu, & Prime Video

Reached your yearly Hallmark movie quota? Watched every rom-com on Netflix? Need something with a little more drama? But still want that romance-induced dopamine hit? Let us introduce you to the romantic world of K-Dramas.
Thanks to the explosion of streaming services, we're living in a golden age of accessible international programming. Long gone are the days of fansubs, expensive imported DVDs, or waiting years for a US release. And that's because in the last few years, Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Max, have all upped their game when it comes to finding great global TV. 
It's an especially useful turn of events as we head into the heady candy-colored season of Valentine's Day. See, there's currently a treasure trove of romantic, fantastical, sweet, and wholesome K-Dramas to be discovered — and then subsequently marathoned immediately — this February. 
Whether you're looking for heartwarming matches, star-crossed lovers, dramatic but swoon-worthy heroes, or even a little supernatural twist on your lavish love story, you'll find a series for you here. And the best thing is you'll likely already have access to the platforms that your new favorite shows are streaming on. You're welcome.

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