New Music To Know: Love On The Brain

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As if Fridays weren’t your favorite day already, Refinery29 will also be gathering the best new music out each week, and breaking down why each track deserves a spot on your weekend playlist.
Whether you're into it or are absolutely dreading it, Valentine's Day is right around the corner, which means that love is in the air (and on your streaming services).
On this week's edition of New Music Fridays, we've got love on the brain, and not just the romantic sort. The highlighted songs are doing a dive dive into all types of love: the kind that makes you weak in the knees, the type you wish you had for yourself, and the kind that will only last for the night. You don't need a specific day to celebrate love, but these tracks will certain help get you in the mood.
Ahead, the new music you need to know this week.

Maude Latour, “Walk Backwards”

Love comes to us in many forms, in many different types of relationships. For Maude Latour, her friendships have produced some of the most epic love stories, inspiring the plucky single that is "Walk Backwards."
"I can't believe I found you within the Milky Way out of eight billion people," croons the singer poetically. "So I say thanks to an unknown force."

Lucy Park, “True to You”

"True to You" takes a page of out the early 2000s neo-soul handbook, with Lucy Park's heartfelt lyrics about the early optimism of a new relationship blending perfecting with the serene musical stylings of an acoustic guitar.

Stalking Gia, “Worship”

Stalking Gia straddles the thin line between self-love and self-hate in "Worship," imagining the possibilities of a world in which she could love herself as much as she's been loved by others. Elevated by the sounds of a classic organ and voice distortion, the singer-songwriter turns the unique pop offering into a hymn of brutal introspection.
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Lucky Daye ft. Yebba, "How Much Can a Heart Take?"

A velvety-smooth offering from his new EP Table for Two "How Much Can a Heart Take?" sees industry romantic Lucky Daye trading barbs (and delicious runs) with Yebba about a contentious relationship. It feels a lot like a breakup duet, but it's so good that you just might give love a second shot.

Siena Liggins ft. Yung Baby Tate, "Dirty Girl"

No plans this weekend? Siena Liggins can't relate; she's got a hot date with a "Dirty Girl." Spilling over with bravado and serious BDE, the Detroit newbie and Yung Baby Tate make their plans crystal clear on the bass-heavy track: someone's fucking tonight. (That someone might even be you if you add it to your sexy time playlist!)

Rebecca Black ft. 3OH!3, Big Freedia, and Dorian Electra, "Friday (Remix)"

"There’s nothing more romantic that the arrival of the weekend — and nobody knows that better than our Queen of TGIF Rebecca Black. On the 10th anniversary of her seminal fun, fun, fun, fun bop, she’s gifted us a truly hype remix of 'Friday' featuring an epic lineup of Dorian Electra, Big Freedia, aughts pop punk duo 3OH!3. The song is very 'this is your brain on drugs,' but seeing Black return on the scene with such a confident and powerful sense of self is a vibe that we want to ride for many Fridays to come." -Natalie Morin, Entertainment Writer

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