You’ll Want To Listen To The Map Of Tiny Perfect Things Soundtrack Over & Over Again

Photo: Courtesy of Amazon Studios.
Groundhog's Day. Russian Doll. Palm Springs. And now, The Map Of Tiny Perfect Things, a movie that, like all those previously mentioned, is about getting stuck in a time loop — emphasis on the being "stuck" part. Luckily, The Map Of Tiny Perfect Things soundtrack doesn't get trapped in the past, but looks to the future with songs that dropped only in the last year or so, from bands that should definitely be on your radar.
That's not to say the songs in this teen sci-fi romance streaming on Amazon Prime Video don't offer some major throwback vibes. The Bruises track "1992" takes us back to the era of Walkmans, which was five years before The Map Of Tiny Perfect Things star Kathryn Newton was born.
No matter if they may think of the past or the future, these are songs you'll want to keep listening to over and over again, which feels only fitting for a soundtrack to a movie that keeps reliving the same day. Maybe it's also why so many of these songs' titles are so delightfully on the nose: "Time," "Frame of Reference," "Losing My Grip." And, honestly, who wouldn't be if they were stuck rehashing the same 24 hours. If you feel a little trapped in your day-to-day routine, think about pressing play on these songs.

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