Your Horoscope This Week

Our patience is put to the test on Sunday, when bountiful Jupiter forms a square with change-making Uranus. It's exceptionally tempting to make a bold move just for the sake of feeling alive, but we’d be better off resisting the urge to stir the pot. If we’re feeling particularly on edge, we can try to express our feelings in thoughtful ways, like journaling or venting to a close friend. 
We're ready to embark on exciting new journeys starting on Tuesday, when the ego-ruling Sun enters independent Aquarius. Now’s the time to decide how to express our inner desires for change and seek new intellectual pursuits. It's time to break out of old routines and look towards a more humanitarian-minded future.
On Wednesday, passionate Mars forms a conjunction with innovative Uranus. It’s a good day to be creative, but we may enjoy making small changes rather than diving into the deep end with a new project. We can also work to adjust our thinking, and see where the new perspective takes us. The emotion-ruling Moon waxes into her first quarter in determined Taurus on Wednesday as well. This moon phase tends to create the urge to get things done quickly. Instead of exhausting our resources all at once, we should take a step back and assess what's truly needed. Being conservative can help us save ourselves time, money, and energy.  
We may be feeling on top of the world this weekend, but we’ll have to remember to pace ourselves — in our actions and our words — on Saturday, as energetic Mars creates a square against bountiful Jupiter. It's easier to be incredibly blunt as these planets clash. We're ready to enjoy a little fantasy on Saturday, as beauty-loving Venus creates a sextile with dreamy Neptune. This transit is a good time to enjoy some escapism, even by something as simple as putting on a movie that helps us consider a new aesthetic or forward-thinking attitude. Later on Saturday evening, the ego-ruling Sun forms a conjunction with rule-making Saturn, inspiring us to take care of our responsibilities. We’ll have to try not to let ourselves get too stirred up, and instead, make a list of everything we'd like to accomplish in the upcoming week. 

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