The Moon's Phase On Your Birthday Has A Hidden Meaning

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Whether it's a chaotic Mercury retrograde or a revolutionary planetary movement, there's some comfort in knowing that a specific planet is possibly responsible for an aspect of our lives. If you're at all familiar with astrology, you already know that the moon is one of the most influential celestial bodies in our personal lives.
On one hand, you know that the moon has an affect on your personality via your moon sign, or the sign that the moon happened to be in when you were born. On the other, you also know that the monthly lunar cycle can sway your current moods, feelings, and motivations. But, have you ever considered how the lunar phase (how much of the moon appears to be illuminated from our vantage point on Earth) at the time of your birth affects your overall emotional self?
If your moon sign feels a little too general or vague, finding the phase that the moon was in on your birthday can put a finer point on it. Astrologer Kelly Surtees writes that there are eight main phases to watch out for, but phase of the moon changes slightly every day. So, let's take a more general look at how the moon's activity might have helped to shape your innermost self. (If you want to know your birthday's exact lunar phase, you can look it up here.)
If you were born while the moon was waxing...
Surtees writes that people born under a waxing moon (in which the moon's illuminated area increases until it's full) are drawn to new, even revolutionary, ideas. You're possibly a trailblazer in your work (or you just really love keeping up on the trends). This may manifest in your personal life as a sort of restlessness: You might crave new connections more than you desire deepening those you already have.
If you were born when the moon was full...
As we discussed back in September, having a full moon birthday could reflect an indecisive but highly conscientious personality. Due to the expansive nature of this lunar phase, you may feel the urge to be everything to everyone — and thus come off as a bit of a people-pleaser. But this doesn't mean you're a total doormat. Rather, you strive to make your loved ones feel happy and supported, even at the cost of your own comfort. You're giver — just don't forget to show the same generosity to yourself.
If you were born while the moon was waning...
According to astrologer Annie Heese's site, Cafe Astrology, waning moon birthdays (which take place while the moon's illuminated area is decreasing) could contribute to an overall sensitive demeanor. Maybe you like your alone time and your sensitivity comes in the form of quiet introspection. Maybe you experience your emotions — especially those around loss and love — rather intensely but feel obligated to keep them to yourself.
If you were born when the moon was new...
Heese writes that people born under a new moon live in the "now." You see the potential in all things — including yourself. You're probably quite confident and enjoy making grand plans when your mind feels like wandering. These are qualities of a great leader, but they're also indicative of a diva. You deserve to shine, but that doesn't mean refusing to check your ego and collaborate with others.

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